Field testing services:

Regentech offers a range of field testing services;

• Available Nutrient.
• Soil pH.
• Soil Conductivity.
• Soil Humidity, and Water Content.
• Plant Tissue Brix.
• Microbiological Analysis.

These services are not designed to replace conventional laboratory based testing methods, they are designed to complement conventional testing. Specifically to give real-time feedback regarding the processes in the soil and plant tissue. Often Laboratory testing takes days to weeks to receive results, in intensive operations where fine tuning of soil processes are required this means decision making lags real-time process dynamics, and as such fine tuning is impeded.

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Laboratory testing:

Regentech utilises SWEP Analytical Laboratories for these requirements, they offer;

• Cation Balance Analysis
• Nutrient Balance Analysis
• Microbial Balance Analysis
• Plant Tissue Nutrient Analysis
• Water Analysis
• Fertiliser Analysis
• Soil Amendment Analysis

SWEP is one of Australia’s leading, fully independent, certified laboratories. Based on more than 45 years of intensive research by expert soil scientist and SWEP founder, Ted Mikhail. SWEP uses the Mikhail System of soil analysis. This treats soil as a living system and involves thorough analysis of the soils structure, nutrient and biological components.

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