Intelligent Technologies

Intelligent Technology is the use of microprocessors, sensors and actuators to add automated intelligence into pre-existing manual devices. It is also the utilisation of microprocessor technologies into industries lacking automation. Advancements in technology and manufacturing has now made microprocessors and sensors available at minimal cost, this in tandem with open source programming languages/hardware such as Arduino mean that devices can be built quickly and cheaply, custom designed specifically for application. Data collection is the surest means of making effective decision, this technology makes this process feasible. Several devices currently under research and construction.


Aerial Mapping Drone: A fully automated multicopter designed specifically for extended periods of stable flight. Utilising RTK GPS, and high definition photography in the visible and infrared spectrums to generate high definition, high GPS accuracy 3D maps, which can easily be imported into GIS or CAD software. This is essential for smart farm design, utilising topography to maximise efficient use of hydrology etc.


Aerial Biomass Monitor Drone: A fully automated multicopter designed specifically for extended periods of low altitude flying. Utilising RTK GPS, Ultrasonic sensors and a solar powered base station, to measure pasture based feed biomass in fields in real time, generating a daily stocktake of feed availability. This is essential for efficient utilisation of pasture, taking the guess work out of stocking rates, and feed stockpiling.


Soil monitoring sensors: Soil sensors including relative humidity, temperature, pH, Orp, Conductivity, and co2. Powered via solar, taking measurements in real-time, relaying wirelessly back to a base station. Essential for monitoring or controlling the effectiveness of irrigation and soil health.

Smart technologies have the potential to increase design effectiveness, productivity, soil health, water efficiency, reduce monotonous workloads, and capital expenditure.