PolyFace is a system of agriculture created by Joel Salatin, as the name suggests it’s about diversifying, and operating a farm of many faces. The basic idea is integrating various different systems of production in a ways that complement each other. The best example of this is his use of pastured poultry.

Pastured poultry is the use of transportable housing, feeding, and watering units, such that poultry flocks can be continuously moved to fresh pasture. This system has been most effective with egg laying chickens in relation to grazing of cattle, creating positive feedback for both poultry and cattle. Following approximately three days behind cattle, enough time for parasitic insect larvae to mature in cow manure, chickens receive both fresh greens from pasture as well as protein from insects, cutting grain feed requirements by at least 50%. Chickens spread cow manure, reduce parasitic insect populations, and alleviate “sour grass” issues.

Pastured poultry has the potential to increase utilisation of available nutrients, diversity of production, and productivity on a per square meter basis, reduce rank grass, feed inputs, pasture and cattle parasites.