Herbal Ley Pastures


Herbal ley pastures are the use of diverse mixtures of pasture species, grasses, legumes, and herbs to maximise use of the soil profile, and nutrients. All plants exhibit differences in rooting behaviour and their ability to extract nutrients from the environment, by selecting for complementary species, mainly perennial, it’s possible to utilise a larger portion of the soil profile, and available nutrients.

This results in less erratic variation in biomass availability throughout the season, less susceptibility to periods of drought or flooding, a wider range of nutrients being made available to stock, and conserves plant vigor out to 10 years. Herbal ley pastures have the potential to increase carbon sequestration, nitrogen fixation, nutrient availability and production on a per square meter basis, reduce fertiliser inputs, irrigation, reseeding costs, stock mineral deficiencies, and the effects of drought or flood on feed availability.

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