Regentech offer a range of educational services;

  • How to Grow Nutrient Dense Food: Directed at small holders who want to ensure their produce contains all the necessary nutrients for health. Based upon The Biological Theory of Ionisation, it integrates this precision form of mineralisation into a simplified system designed to maximise productivity and quality while working still working with natural systems, in a regenerative manor.
  • Introduction to Permaculture: Directed at small holders who want to deepen their understanding of natural systems, particularly the patterns or rules of nature that allow it to create sustainable systems. These patterns or rules are then utilised for analysis and design, allowing man-made design to harmonise with nature in a sustainable fashion.
  • Permaculture Design Course: Directed at small holders who want to learn how to apply Permaculture principles in design applications. This course delves deep into the patterns of nature and how they can be applied in human constructions.
  • Biological Theory of Ionisation (BTI): Directed at small to large operations that would like to maximise both the productivity and quality of their produce. BTI is a methodology for precision fertility, utilising a deep understanding of plant metabolism, immune function, nutrient chemistry, clay mechanics, chemical and geo-magnetic energy, soil and plant tissue testing, and the symbiotic relationship between soil biology and plants. This understanding is applied to production via a cyclical testing and mineralisation program, allowing the fine tuning of the soil to suit a specific plant at a specific stage of growth. The successful application of BTI produces crops high in complex organic compounds such as vitamins, proteins and enzymes, these crops are pest and disease free, and the produce dehydrates rather than rots.