Property Design

Regentech offers design solutions for new or existing properties. The basic design process utilises the Regrarians Platform, which has built upon P A. Yeoman’s original Keyline plan. Holistic Management and Permaculture Principles guide this design process, ensuring all components are understood individually and as a dynamic whole.

Regrarians Platform

1. CLIMATE – You, Enterprise, Risk, Weather
2. GEOGRAPHY – Landform, Components, Proximity
3. WATER – Storage, Harvesting, Reticulation
4. ACCESS – Roads, Tracks, Trails, Markets, Utilities, People
5. FORESTRY – Blocks, Shelter, Savannah, Orchards, Natural
6. BUILDINGS – Homes, Sheds, Portable, Yards
7. FENCING – Permanent, Electric, Cross, Living
8. SOILS – Planned Grazing, Minerals, Fertility, Crops
9. ECONOMY – Analysis, Strategy, Value Chain
10. ENERGY – Photosynthesis, Generation, Storage

This process would preferably begin before purchasing a property, so the most effective overall design can be created based on the client’s intentions. Any specific climate or landscape will have a range of enterprises that are more or less suited for it. As such, with a deep understanding of the requirements of any specific enterprise, a property can be selected which will be most suited for effective productivity.

Once a property has been selected, the design process can be continued in much finer detail, first, the landform must be analysed to further understand the most efficient means of maximising productivity relative to the selected enterprises. The process continues down the platform, working from the most permanent elements through to the least.

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Intelligent Technology Design

Regentech offers a range of technical design solutions across a range of applications. We appreciate that the incorporation of intelligent technologies into an operation can significantly reduce the workload of monotonous tasks,  making more time available for complex tasks, which boosts productivity. Improvements in microprocessors, sensors and mechanical actuators are increasingly becoming cheaper and more available; this, coupled with open source software availability, is making technology designed and built for a specific custom purpose a reality.

Regentech have been working on many such technologies for both small and large operations,

  • Drone technology for aerial imagery, topographic surveying, mapping, and biomass monitoring.
  • Water storage monitoring, automated reticulation and irrigation.
  • Soil monitoring, Temperature, Humidity, pH, Conductivity, Solar Irradiance etc.
  • Waste Treatment Systems, converting waste streams into valued products.
  • Automated Biofertiliser Brewers.
  • Renewable Energy Production, Solar, Wind, Hydro etc.
  • Automated Stock Feed and Water systems.

The possibilities really are endless, if you have any inquiries please Contact Us.