About Regentech


Mission Statement:

To make agriculture sustainable, innovating new and old technologies to work in synergy with nature.

Assisting farmers to face the;

  • Financial challenges of increasing input costs and decreasing profit margins.
  • Social challenges of balancing lifestyle choices such as family and leisure with the harsh demands of modern business.
  • Environmental challenges of protecting and regenerating the landscape they depend upon for their livelihood.


To create a future where agriculture;

  • Regenerates the environment, creating more fertility and resilience year after year. Removing toxins from the environment, instead of adding more to it.
  • Produces nutritionally dense products that assist the health and happiness of the wider community.
  • Allows farming families the financial freedom to produce what they are want, not what finance demands of them.
  • Allows farming families the social freedom to have a lifestyle where they can spend time with family and friends.

About Regentech:

Regentech is the brain child of Adam Coates, his answer to some of the major challenges facing humanity today, the easy and cheap procurement of the real necessities of life; clean and healthy air, water, food and energy.

We aim to assist farmers and landholders in general, to utilise their land efficiently and effectively. Scouring the globe for the best systems of design, management, and technologies the world has to offer. We hope to assist landholders by;

  • Educating landholders on the financial, social, and environmental factors involved in their particular form of production, and how best to balance their needs.
  • Designing properties to suit both the environment they are situated within, and the needs of the landholder.
  • Delivering management systems that assist landholders to make informed decisions, based on an in depth understanding of the financial, social and environmental variables involved.
  • Designing and building customised technologies to assist the landholder to make their dreams a reality.

We are here to help you create a business and lifestyle that benefits you, your surroundings and future generations, allowing you to be financially stable without sacrificing your lifestyle, or the environment.

About Adam

Growing up in North-West Tasmania, living and working in a rural farming region, nearby to the Tasmanian world heritage area, he has always had a strong appreciation for nature and the many essential resources it supplies. Living on a hobby farm and working nearby on various agricultural properties he gathered experience working with soil, plants, animals, and farming machinery. From an early age he showed a passion for how things worked, taking items apart, and gradually working out how to put them back together. This passion grew into the designing and building of tree houses, billy carts, and a multitude of childhood projects. His father’s work as a carpenter and builder in the water treatment industry led to 4 years of work and travel around mainland Australia, which gave Adam an appreciation for the diverse range of environments and industries of our sparse nation, while building his social skills as he adapted to a multitude of new towns and schools. This is where Adam was first introduced to the design, building, management and maintenance of water treatment systems and the biological processes involved.

High school and College was where Adams passion for understanding how things worked flowed into higher level Maths, Chemistry, Physics, and Design. His proficiency in these areas was what lead him to studying 2.5 years of a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at UTAS in Hobart Tasmania, and then 2 years of Renewable Energy Engineering at Murdoch in Perth Western Australia. Neither of which he completed due to his natural tendency toward interconnectedness and practicality, which was incompatible with the path a modern University degree defined. During his years at university his passion for self-education grew, finding himself more and more drawn to cutting edge discoveries in various disciplines, spending long hours researching and designing alternative means of energy production.

Following his departure from university he spent 18 months working in the Pilbara region of North-Western Australia, operating and managing water treatment plants on the Woodside Pluto LNG project. This is where Adam first came to really understand the real depth to, and consequences of industry and its effects on the environment and society. This eventually led to his departure from the industry, and his drive to find alternative means.

A short video clip on Youtube of Geoff Lawton’s “Greening the Desert” project drew his attention to Permaculture, and the game changing reality that regenerating degraded environments back to productive fertility meant to him in relation to the sustainability of human civilisation. This lead to his 3 month attendance at PRI Zaytuna Farm in the Channon NSW, completing a PDC(Permaculture Design Course) with Warren Brush and Internship with Geoff Lawton. This was a life changing experience for Adam, and has defined his life’s mission and passions ever since.

Returning to home to Tasmania, Adam spent 2 years researching and experimenting with various systems of landscape design, management, and cutting edge advances in technologies. Indepth research into geology, biology, geo-electro-magnetic energy, plant and animals systems gave Adam the confidence he needed to apply his passion into the sustainable design and use of landscapes, and the environmental, social and financial variables inherent.

Most recently Adam has been utilising his skills designing and applying regenerative techniques to various properties in the NW regions of Tasmania. This has lead to him designing and building mapping systems using UAV’s(Un-manned Aerial Vehicles) and RTK(Real Time Kinematic) GPS technologies, UAV biomass measurement systems, intelligent field sensors, bio-fertiliser brewers, and water distribution technologies……